The most competitive specialties among those that offered at least 30 positions were Gynecologic Oncology, Maternal-Fetal Medicine, Reproductive Endocrinology, Hand Surgery, and Pediatric Surgery. The community ones tend to be unopposed programs that tend to rank higher in desirability simply because of the opportunities. Dermatology. 5 Burnout and lifestyle … Im also originally from Calif., but the school I'll most likely be going to is in the mid. See which others are on the list. American dermatologists have an average USMLE Step result of 251 which makes them one of the most competitive residencies … The specialty that leads the list of 10 most competitive residency programs in US is orthopedic surgery. 4 Median specialty salary data was obtained from the Medical Group Management Association for 2015. However, within the past ten years, only 28 students, less than 1%, have matched within the most competitive residencies. But it doesn’t change that the “top” most competitive programs tend to be university based (i go back to Penn as my example, as it is the most competitive program on my current … Over the years, specialties have been added to the report, including Otolaryngology and Neurology in 2007, Neurological Surgery in 2009, Child Neurology and ... most competitive specialties a few individuals with high scores … Surgery and otolaryngology are among the most competitive specialties in this year’s NRMP Match. So I wanted to get an idea from you guys as to what are the hardest (most competitive) residencies to match in? All filled at least 95 percent of the positions offered, and more than 80 percent were filled by U.S. allopathic medical school … Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore offers the best clinical training in internal medicine, according to Doximity's 2018-2019 Residency Navigator.. However, average annual salary of $535,668 should be … Orthopedics warrants the average USMLE tests score of 248, and all future residents have to know that they will compete for only 0.83 open positions. Residency data, including the number of available positions, number of US and foreign applicants, and number of spots filled, was gathered from the National Residency Match Program for 2014. Most Competitive Residencies 2020. More competitive residencies, naturally, have the higher overall score. Total percentage filled by MD Seniors: 100%. Total number of matches among MD Seniors: 31. Based on the 2019 NRMP Main Residency Match®: Match Rates by Specialty and State study, the Top 10 Most IMG Friendly States are: New York (1,429 IMGs) Michigan (541 IMGs) Florida (532 IMGs) Pennsylvania (445 IMGs) New Jersey (397 IMGs) Texas (373 IMGs) California (352 IMGs) Ohio (311 IMGs) Illinois (266 … And could you rank them in order of difficulty, from … Specialties that offered 50 or more positions in the 2018 Main Residency Match are included in this report. Residency Personal Statement: The Ultimate Guide (Example Included) September 06, 2019 / Shirag Shemmassian A step-by-step medical residency personal statement guide to help you match into your dream program The most “competitive” medical residencies in the US are those specialities and/or specialty tracks with at least 10 positions offered in the NRMP main match with 100 percent fill rates. 1. Here are the specialties that are most difficult to match. True. west. I would like to go back to Calif. for my residency.