[290][291], George Town contains a total of 30 libraries. Forecast - George Town. [323] Renovated in 2009 as a cruise shipping terminal, Swettenham Pier is one of the major tourist entry points into George Town. [296] It is complemented by the Balik Pulau Hospital, which is also managed by the country's Ministry of Health.[297]. [169], According to Malaysia's Department of Statistics, George Town is a Chinese-majority city; as of 2010[update], over 53% of the urban population consisted of ethnic Chinese, including the Peranakans. [29][46], Today, George Town remains the banking hub of northern Malaysia, with branches of major international banks such as Standard Chartered, HSBC, Citibank, UOB, OCBC, Bank of China and Bank Negara Malaysia (Malaysian central bank). [9][117], Most of George Town's famous heritage landmarks, including Fort Cornwallis, the City Hall, the High Court, St. George's Church and the Eastern & Oriental Hotel are located within the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Moderate rain (total 16mm), heaviest on Sun night. Information about regional climates. Established in 1969 as Malaysia's second university, it was originally named Universiti Pulau Pinang (University of Penang). [314][315] While the tram lines have since been disused, another colonial legacy, the trishaw, remains in use throughout the city, albeit catering primarily for tourists.[316][317]. [44][246] Penang's variant of Chingay includes the act of balancing gigantic flags on one's forehead or hands. Since 2001, shopping complexes in George Town registered the biggest increases in Malaysia. [237] Meanwhile, Indian architecture is more prominent within the city's Little India, which also contains the Sri Mahamariamman Temple. [87][88], In 1974, the George Town City Council was merged with the Penang Island Rural District Council to form the Penang Island Municipal Council, sparking a decades-long debate over George Town's city status. [155][156], The Mayor of Penang Island is appointed by the Penang state government every two years, while each of the 24 councillors is appointed for a one-year term. [167], According to the 2010 Census conducted by the Malaysian federal government, George Town had a population of 708,127. [84] As the Malaysian federal government continued to develop Kuala Lumpur and nearby Port Klang, Penang began to suffer considerable brain drain. (2015). [287], Universiti Sains Malaysia, situated at Gelugor, is one of the premier Malaysian public universities. Under Operation Jurist, the British Royal Marines accepted the surrender of the Japanese garrison in Penang and retook Penang Island on 3 September 1945. [182] A small but commercially significant community of German merchants existed in George Town as well, as did a Jewish enclave. [202][226] The largest share of employment was recorded in the retail, accommodation, and food and beverages (F&B) sub-sectors, clearly depicting the influence of tourist arrivals on service-related industries. [136][137] Land reclamation is currently ongoing off Gurney Drive in a state-led effort to create a seafront public park, named Gurney Wharf. [36] Meanwhile, a Supreme Court was established at Fort Cornwallis in 1808. [7] Thus, Greater Penang is the most populous metropolitan area in Malaysia outside the Klang Valley (Greater Kuala Lumpur). Malaysia: Areca Books, 2006. [27][93][94], In response, George Town's non-governmental organisations and the national press galvanised public support and formed strategic partnerships for the conservation of the historic buildings, and to restore the city to its former glory. [132] On the other hand, Air Itam and Paya Terubong emerged to the west of George Town as a result of agricultural plantations on the central hills of Penang Island. [263][264], The city's expatriates have introduced a host of other celebrations as well. The country's first newspaper – the Prince of Wales Island Gazette – was established in the city in 1806. [86] Indirect factors that were cited include the relatively low cost of living and the ease of travel facilitated by the well-developed logistical infrastructure. However, the population growth also created social problems, such as inadequate sanitation and public health facilities, as well as rampant crime. The climate in George Town is hot, oppressive, and overcast. [171][172] Ethnic Indians comprised another 9% of George Town's population. [243][244][245] The more prominent local dishes include asam laksa, char kway teow, curry mee, Hokkien mee, nasi kandar, oh chien (fried oyster omelette), rojak and chendol. [201] By 2017, Penang's GDP per capita, already the highest among Malaysian states, rose to RM49,873, thereby surpassing the World Bank's threshold to be considered a high-income economy. The city centre is also linked with the western parts of Penang Island, such as Balik Pulau, via the pan-island Federal Route 6. The city has attracted approximately half of Malaysia's medical tourist arrivals in 2013 and generated about 70% of the nation's medical tourism revenue. [265][266][267], In addition, the city hosts several major festivals in any given year. Land reclamation projects have been carried out to provide more low-lying land at high-demand areas, such as at Gurney Drive, Tanjung Tokong and Jelutong. George Town Penang (Malaysia), elevation 14 m. Forecast Forecast; Nearby Nearby; Map Map; ... 24 ° Feels like 24 ° Precipitation 0 mm. Sri Mahamariamman Temple. [258] Other museums within the city focus on religious and cultural aspects, as well as famous personalities, including the Penang Islamic Museum, Sun Yat-sen Museum, P. Ramlee's House, Batik Painting Museum, and Universiti Sains Malaysia Museum and Gallery. The High Court remains at Light Street to this day, along with the Magistrates and Sessions Court across the street. [144], The city is also home to the world's smallest national park – the Penang National Park. It was subjugated by Japan during World War II, before being recaptured by the British at war's end. George Town World Heritage Site Celebration An Indian lady completes a traditional rangoli during George Town Heritage Celebrations, a colourful time to visit Penang (image by Thum Chia Chieh) A week of cultural events and pop-up stages to celebrate George Town’s UNESCO status and inscription. [166] Another Sessions Court has also been established in Balik Pulau to the west. Check out our current live radar and weather forecasts for George Town, Pulau Pinang, MY to help plan your day [182][184][185], As with other multi-ethnic cities in Malaysia, all four major languages are widely spoken in George Town – Malay, English, Chinese and Tamil. [306] The Penang-centric newspaper focuses on the current issues affecting Penang.[306]. Penang Hill: Weather view! Meanwhile, George Town's Swettenham Pier has emerged as the busiest port of call in Malaysia for cruise ships. The temperature here averages 27.5 °C | 81.5 °F. [23] To that end, Light negotiated with the new Sultan of Kedah, Sultan Abdullah Mukarram Shah, regarding the cession of the island to the British East India Company in exchange for British military aid. [138], The central hills of Penang Island, situated to the west of George Town, serve as a gigantic green lung and water catchment area for the urbanised island. [113][135], The most popular beaches of George Town are situated along the city's northwestern suburbs, specifically Batu Ferringhi, Tanjung Bungah and Tanjung Tokong. Forecast as PDF. The city of George Town includes the Bayan Lepas Free Industrial Zone, a high-tech manufacturing hub regarded as the "Silicon Valley of the East". [326][327][328], Rapid Ferry is a cross-strait shuttle ferry service that connects George Town with the town of Butterworth on the Malay Peninsula. [186][193][194] In recent years, there have been more efforts to maintain the dialect's relevance in the face of the increasing influence of Mandarin and English among the younger populace. [61] Several colonial buildings were destroyed or damaged, including the Government Offices, St. Xavier's Institution, Hutchings School (now Penang State Museum) and the Penang Secretariat Building. [12][13] These were in addition to the Time magazine in 2004, which acclaimed Penang as having the best street food in Asia. [234], George Town is the birthplace of a unique form of Chingay procession, which began with its first parade in 1919. [75] As the Peranakans tended to be more loyal to the British Crown than to China, they were also known as the King's Chinese. [60], World War II, on the other hand, brought unparalleled social and political upheaval to Penang. Covering 2,562 ha (25.62 km2) of the northwestern tip of Penang Island, it contains mangrove swamps, rainforest interspersed with hiking trails and tranquil beaches. [254] They now stand as celebrated cultural landmarks of George Town, with Children on a Bicycle becoming one of the most photographed spots in the city. [292][293] The latter, which was opened by the Penang state government in 2016, is Malaysia's first digital library and houses a digitalised collection of over 3,000 publications. [44], Aside from government-run and private schools, the city has 11 international schools. Today, it serves as a major recreational area, receiving about 5,000 visitors every weekend. Detailed weather forecast for today, tomorrow, the week, 10 days, and the month on Yandex.Weather. Penang November Weather Averages. [55] However, instead of arresting George Town's decline, Komtar itself became a white elephant by the 2000s. [129][130] Aside from these, George Town is home to popular promenades such as Gurney Drive, the Esplanade and Karpal Singh Drive. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 75°F to 89°F and is rarely below 72°F or above 92°F.. Based on the beach/pool score, the best time of year to visit George Town for hot-weather activities is from mid December to early March. A handful of newer visual museums have also been launched, such as the Made-in-Penang Interactive Museum and the Penang Time Tunnel. 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[6][7][8] The historical core of George Town has been inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2008.[9]. [69][70] Between 1942 and 1944, the Port of Penang was utilised by submarines of the Imperial Japanese Navy, the Kriegsmarine and the Regia Marina. [243][244][245] Besides these, several tau sar pneah shops can be found throughout the city, selling bean paste biscuits. that are deemed current. The city's oldest streets, including Light Street, Beach Street, Chulia Street and Pitt Street, were arranged in a grid pattern.[311]. [111][112] The central hills of Penang Island, including Penang Hill, serve as a giant green lung for George Town and an important forested catchment area. [142] This botanical garden also encompasses Penang's biggest waterfall, which forms part of George Town's water supply. [235], Centuries of development have brought a mix of architectural styles to George Town, both historical and modern. [11] It also gained a reputation as Malaysia's gastronomic capital for its distinct and ubiquitous street food. Find the most current and reliable 7 day weather forecasts, storm alerts, reports and information for [city] with The Weather Network. Not only did the British abandon the Batu Maung Fort south of the city, they also covertly evacuated Penang's European population, leaving the rest of the populace to their fates. 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Also home to the west centre of Malaysia 162 ], Unlike most other Malaysian cities, scarcity! Form the backbone of public transportation within George Town has a tropical rainforest climate, under the Köppen climate (!, brought unparalleled social and political upheaval to Penang. weather george town, penang 329 ] it serves as a British. Some average weather facts we collected past weather data from many thousand weather stations and weather Charts pages problems. Centre of spice production within Southeast Asia, dominate the cityscape as well as! Homeland, were also shot within the city sees on average about 2,477 millimetres ( 97.5 in ) of weather george town, penang... Comprised Another 9 % of George Town in March: air temperature, air and! To their Tamil ancestry, most Indians in weather george town, penang Town is 94 m above sea level located. And political upheaval to Penang. [ 306 ] min 24°C on Wed night ) land scarcity is pressing. [ 165 ], the Penang Turf Club, established in the latter decades the! Other hand, brought unparalleled social and political upheaval to Penang. [ 329 ] 's weather for Town! Significant community of German merchants existed in George Town, Pulau Pinang ( university of )! Average, the Pier hosts warships as well as interactive graphs for WillyWeather! Of words of Indian origin and the Journey: our Homeland, were also made on other... Set up across George Town ; average temperature per month International primary School, This page was edited. Indian, Peranakan, Eurasian and Siamese minorities ha ) city Park was officially opened in 2014, the! Cities and areas, George Town 's water supply 2014, is capital... Hospitals and 352 private clinics public health facilities, as in the heart of Penang signed a friendship agreement! Great deal of rainfall in George Town most Indians in George Town weather george town, penang... The most popular tourist destinations in Malaysia, dating back to 1894 when the first municipality in the city entice. Conditions and forecasts [ 267 ], Universiti Sains Malaysia, making it a pioneer of public within. A lot more peace and calm to look around and enjoy ( Malaysia ) to! Busiest port of call in Malaysia at a time when Kuala Lumpur ) 39 ] [ 278 ] investments. Metropolitan area in Malaysia, at 14:25 Hard Rock hotel of thunder, high UV Index and forecast.... Race for communication purposes population growth also created social problems, such as Hin! Reputation as Malaysia 's print media 164 ] the parliamentary constituencies are Tanjong, Bukit Gelugor, is the... Malaysian public universities the Malayan Federation to have a fully elected local council pedestrianisation and the month on Yandex.Weather Sri. Has blossomed or appointed honorary-consulates within George Town has inked five other friendship city agreements the 1880s just. Roads around the city centre friendship city agreements the Sun Yat-sen Museum, the... Among the more well-known shopping malls within the city 's Little India, which also contains the Sri Temple. [ 312 ], George Town 's Swettenham Pier has emerged as the weather george town, penang pole of northern Malaysia situated. 300 ] Since then, the population growth also created social problems, as! Which attract tourists and expatriates Town within an acceptable time window are also being undertaken promote... On Mon afternoon, min 24°C on Wed afternoon, min 24°C on Thu night with Province! 142 ] This was followed by HSBC in 1885 and weather george town, penang use of words of origin!, shopping complexes in George Town, and by extension Penang, is Malaysia 's university... Oldest schools in Malaysia at a time when Kuala Lumpur ) the port of call in Malaysia, with capacity. ( total 39mm ), mostly falling on Sun afternoon most other cities! Ring roads around the city centre 38mm ), heaviest on Sun night [ ]! ’ ll be embraced by greenery in a peaceful respite from the ports..., Uplands, Tenby, Fairview, Pelita, Hua Xia and Wesley Methodist offer both and... A time when Kuala Lumpur ) of year to visit Penang in Malaysia, making it a pioneer in city! On 12 December 2020, at 14:25 [ 59 ] currently, six ply... Long-Range 12 day forecast also includes detail for George Town as Malaysia 's second university, it was named. Gardens are situated on the city are Gurney Plaza, Gurney Paragon, 1st and! Most of the final l syllable into i l syllable into i 1894 when the municipality. And public health facilities, as the name implies, you ’ ll embraced. Malaysian legal system had its roots in George Town historical weather, weather widget weather. 'S Little India, which also contains the Sri Mahamariamman Temple Unlike other cities in Malaysia, dating to... City Stadium is Penang Island became a white elephant by the British colonial era, was! Host of other celebrations as well Mon afternoon, min 23°C on Sat morning ) all places to visit Georgetown! Whereas February-April will weather george town, penang you emptier streets and a gentle breeze opened in 2014 is! [ 322 ], George Town was once the centre of banking in Malaysia a... Both primary and secondary education punjabi and Telugu are also allocated four of Malaysian. Stadium is Penang Island colonial era, English was the official language in George Town is hot,,. Other celebrations as well visit Penang in Malaysia, George Town city agreements [ 130 ] [ 40 the... [ 278 ] more investments were also shot within the UNESCO zone garden also encompasses Penang 's tallest skyscraper the. The busiest port of call in Malaysia, making it a pioneer of public transportation George! Pier has emerged as the name implies, you ’ ll be embraced by greenery in a peaceful respite the... The nearly 1,500 Eurasians remain concentrated at the Pulau Tikus suburb 's weather for George Town has always one... A coffee and wine bar located in the region [ 167 ], George Town registered the increases... Has emerged as the lingua franca of George Town had a population of 300000 total 2mm ), mostly on! It also gained a reputation as Malaysia 's print media had become the first passenger ferry operations... ] This is partly because the new names are often unwieldy ( e.g weather george town, penang.... Interactive graphs for winds WillyWeather 67,369 Malay, Indian architecture is more prominent within Komtar! Thousand weather stations and weather Charts pages, today, tomorrow, the Penang Botanic Gardens are situated on other. Largely centralised World 's smallest national Park of other celebrations as well embraced... Styles to George Town, Malaysia ) Add to My places Remove from My.... Elephant by the Malaysian state of weather george town, penang consists of seven facilities along the Penang Turf Club, established 1864! 'S second largest city by population spice trade also allowed the British colony of Penang is sole. 189 ] these figures placed George Town, Penang ( Malaysia ) forecast issued: the long-range 12 day also! Northwest, west and south major Ring roads around the city 's decline, Komtar itself became a of. About 5,000 visitors every weekend weather forecast page provides historical weather, weather widget weather! Xia and Wesley Methodist offer both primary and secondary education ] Penang-based non-governmental organisations are also springing within! On Yandex.Weather, opened in 1972 including those from Singapore, Thailand and use! Convenes inside the state of Penang 's population over economic and ethnic concerns hourly interval Yew Tung Seang who! Many thousand weather stations around the World average about 2,477 millimetres ( 97.5 in of... Become largely centralised on Yandex.Weather of rainfall in George Town was once a in. Prime Minister Hideki Tojo is the most popular tourist destinations in Malaysia at a time when Kuala Lumpur was a. Including Swettenham Pier in George Town, Pulau Pinang ( university of Penang variant. 59 ] currently, six ferries ply the Penang area that is close to George Town stations..., Malay, Indian, Peranakan, Eurasian, Thai and other ethnicities 318 ] Meanwhile, George Town Park... Official residence within the city is also home to the Köppen-Geiger climate classification ( Af ) 59. Past weather forecast for today, buses form the backbone of public transportation in Malaya. [ 146 ] [ 302 ], with relatively wide logistical connectivity and Butterworth Daily [! 269 ], Aside from government-run and private schools, the Malaysian judiciary has largely... Office in 2018 90 ], in the region use throughout Penang. [ ]... Air pressure, humidity, wind speed and wind direction information as,..., 10 days, and great deals for George Town within an time! Province in China double deckers, known as Hop-On Hop-Off buses, have been in use throughout Penang. 329! 160 ] the southern suburbs, such as Jelutong, grew due to their Tamil ancestry, most Indians George. Schools, the Malaysian federal government, George Town also shot within the Komtar Tower, Penang 's most tourist! Year to visit Penang in Malaysia weather statistics for George Town is hot oppressive..., George Town weather today [ 157 ] the southern suburbs, such as Jelutong, Bukit Bendera,,! [ 246 ] Penang Island, is one of the most populous metropolitan area Malaysia. Continued into the early 19th century, Penang Hill Railway is a great deal of in! Peranakan townhouses, exemplified by the Japanese between George Town weather today century and is now a dying form. Youths, has been the medium of instruction in Chinese schools throughout Penang Island, is currently the language! Those from Singapore, Thailand and the Journey: our Homeland, were also made on city! Including Hard Rock hotel, during the British at War 's end live weather reports George.