You will also need to be prepared to get a bit messy when training your puppy. As you can see, this is not a straightforward ‘right or wrong’ decision. Learn how much food your dog should eat per day and at what time. I hope I’m doing the best for her , training her with freeze dried , I hope its best because its a hassle and I worry about her nips and her beard with bad stuff!!!! Both of these pathogens are known to cause damage to both humans and dogs, but of the danger to humans is much greater. Hi Pippa, I’m a vet, from Spain. If the stomach rotates, the blood supply to it may be cut off and immediate veterinary treatment will be required to save the dog’s life. Hi, this is a great article. The first step in reducing the risk from bone is to feed bone and meat together. A few trial and error (from feeding only livers in one day instead of mixing them with other meat etc). He then has until his next mealtime to dream about food. It is easy to remedy problems that arise because we have that knowledge. I have a 13 yr old J R and people are very surprised when I say he is 13. This is something I see as even less appropriate for dogs than it is for you and me. Hi Is this site still live? If you want to feed raw, or find out more about how to do it, you can start right here: How to feed your dog a natural raw diet. I’ve just bought your puppy rearing book as well as the one by Dr. Tom, and I’m guessing you may have a solution in there so I’ll get reading in the meantime, but if you have any advice to offer up I’d be very grateful. My 8 week old labrador and spaniel puppies for example can crush the bone in a chicken wing, in a few seconds. In this article we've decided to focus on both sides and let you make up your mind! It’s enjoyable to research what will make your dog healthier and happier! Also never experienced ill side effects. The only debate I have would be the effect of large numbers of carbs. We would feed Eden, as it seems a good, grain free kibble. I’m wrapping up my Quick Start Guide to Raw Feeding for Dogs to help others with their decision about the diet. Discover the pros and cons of a raw food diet for dogs. Eating raw foods mimics a dogs natural diet in the wild. When this happens, your vet will empty the glands for your dog using a gloved hand. I believe that correctly prepared raw food is complete and balanced, strictly controlled, safe to feed and convenient, with zero ‘gore … 2015 - 2020 © Barking Royalty.  But it is clear that claims for better anal gland health for raw fed dogs do seem to be well founded. And by ensuring that your dog always has access to plenty of fresh drinking water. Nature provided whole prey with everything required, so replicating that where possible is the aim, and as such, offal (especially liver) needs to be in there. It is time-consuming to prepare raw dog food meals at home. You will struggle to make sure they wash their hands effectively after any contact with a dog that has recently been exposed to raw meat. Bloat is a potentially fatal condition where the dog’s stomach becomes grossly distended. The thing is when you make a mistake and your dog gets the “runs.” It’s easy to figure out what went wrong because you control all the ingredients. That way they don’t gulp it down and choke (like chicken thighs, etc – way too small), it doesn’t splinter, the large pieces of meat also floss their teeth, the extra time taken to eat it also generate more acid so the bone digests quicker, and finally – the physical and mental stimulation of all that work (rather than you cutting it all up) is do much more rewarding (and exhausting). And the coats are shiny, dogs doesn’t small at all like neighbors dogs. Also I just don’t feel confident that I will be doing things correctly and don’t want the stress. If you are ready to make a start with raw feeding, you’ll need plenty of freezer space, and a good supplier of the right ingredients. I also feed my dogs raw meat ect. and I also feed them about 5 to 10% of fruit and veg pulp (from the juicer) mixed into their food. So let’s look at that. Being vegetarian making feeding freeze dried easier. Even if you’re convinced that some benefits outweigh the other, it’s not a universal rule. One thing I probably disagree with you about however, is that it is more difficult to treat a dog on raw. There is no doubt at all that dogs adore raw meat and bones.  A bowlful of kibble takes less than three minutes for the average dog to consume. And worth considering when you think your puppy is being rough in play, because this is what he would be capable of if he didn’t ‘pull his punches’. Raw dog food has led to gastrointestinal inflammation. Should you or shouldn’t you feed your dog raw food? Some people report improvements in allergies (skin conditions and tummy troubles) in dogs after switching to raw, though this is not yet proven. We had a German Shepard whose life was changed for the better with raw. In fact, some of the shiniest coats I have ever seen on dogs have been on kibble fed dogs.  And switching my own dogs to raw made no difference whatsoever to their coats or their energy levels. My coworker suggested I switch my dog as well, but I'm a little uneasy about … Read Next: 9 Simple Ways to Keep Your Dog Entertained Indoors. I am afraid that you may not therefore share anything written on this website in your publication. The risks may be smaller than once thought but we have no way of knowing for sure. This is an especially important consideration where children are involved. The third one of the health risks when you are looking at the raw dog food pros and cons is that there is a chance of the dog getting choked on the bones inside of the meat. Other than that, good article 😉, Hi Jo, Thanks for your comment! This is an important consideration. My name is Isis and i live with six dogs , sled dogs (just for fun) I’m always talking about this … reading abut this … but I’ve never read such a great article. So we need to make sure we don’t feed our puppies leg bones from large herbivores such as cattle, or sheep. Find out if dogs can eat potatoes... Cherries are an adored fruit by most people. While there are clear advantages, there are also disadvantages that you must understand before making the switch. The most important thing to keep in mind is to get your dog all necessary nutrients. Well, it isn’t easy but we need to start somewhere, so let’s begin with what we do have solid evidence for.  And work our way down. So, do your research on both the pros and the cons and weigh them. How do you know what’s best? Of course, nothing is risk free, even eating. Personally I don’t like dry or canned food much at all, and so feed only raw. That compares to 70% or more in frozen raw food. And what about the risks of raw feeding? Should I be ? Two of our dogs switched over at 3 years old. Feeding bone and meat together (rather than recreational bones on their own) may also help to avoid the risk of impaction. If you have the time to learn about the diet, it’s well worth the change, in my opinion. Several commercially produced raw dog foods have been recalled over the past few years due to E. coli. We feed him raw mince. Our website services, content, and products are for informational purposes only. They are juicy, sweet, and they just look... Are plums something you can share with your dog from time to time? Easily save as a PDF or print. Perhaps some of the research published by UC Davies is of interest to you. We now have a 4 month old puppy, Catahoula/Husky mix. I have fed my all my dogs raw ( I used to buy the tripe whole and cut it up and freeze) All my dogs were healthy and had all there teeth when they died. Vets Now discuss the pros and cons of a raw meat food diet for dogs, cats and pets and the potential risks that these diets may offer. There is an alternative of course, you could teach your dog to let you clean his teeth morning and evening, just as you do your children. You also need to consider that dogs are much more likely to  be possessive over raw food than kibble.  So you will need to make very sure that children do not disturb the dog when he is eating, or handle him for some time afterwards. And yes, the benefits of the dogs going on raw (which I agree with you ) are – less doggy smell, clean fur with no excessive grease (yellow furs), clean teeth, clean breathe, love their food time, less poop and smelly poop and easily disintegrate into the soil, more energetic, happy dogs, less allergy and infections and less fleas (funny enough). I’ve been feeding my four dogs a raw food diet for 3 years now and I the benefits have been astounding. Of course, this is easily overcome by using one of the high quality commercial diets available by post or in the freezer section of an increasing number of pet shops. ThanksLois. Finally I should mention that I have seen no evidence whatsoever that raw fed dogs have shinier coats or more energy than their kibble fed counterparts. They also develop strong pigmentation.  You can also be taught to do this yourself. It’s also believed to lead to a lot of health benefits as raw food is rich in important nutrients. So is raw food good or bad? Let’s Talk About The Pros And Cons Of Freeze Dried Dog Food Though I would agree with those that claim many kids or not getting optimal nutrition either. Not everyone agrees of course, that carbohydrates in large quantities are bad.  Either for dogs or humans.  But science is certainly changing its opinion on the virtues of living on a starch based diet. Likewise, those that are against the raw food movement are convinced of … Balanced against these risks are the risk of bloat, in kibble fed dogs (probably only relevant if you have a susceptible dog) and the, as yet unproven, concerns that I and others share about feeding a lot of carbohydrates to dogs. The bottom line on the pros of a raw diet for dogs (before I turn it over to Ben for the cons), the diet, can be beneficial, but you do need to do the research. We are getting a golden retriever puppy soon and he has been fed on a BARF diet. With a raw fed dog, this tends not to happen. But remember that when a dog has eaten raw food, the fur around his mouth and on his front paws is likely to be heavily contaminated with any pathogens in his dinner. If the dog’s bowel movements are frequently soft, these glands may not be emptied effectively and they can become inflamed or blocked and cause the dog irritation or discomfort. I don’t want to ask the breeder, as they are so strongly in favour of a BARF diet. If for some reason a dog cannot cope with whole bones, most prepared raw foods contain 2 to 4 per cent ground bone. Hi! However, many raw feeders disagree, and claim that their dog’s coats have improved with raw feeding. Whilst it involved home made diets in general rather than RAW specifically it is rare solid evidence so is widely cited in discussions on the subject. The other two switched over at 6 weeks old. We’ve never had an issue and I always supervise consumption. My 12 year old cavalier has chronic heart problems. Our vet is amazed. Canine anal glands are located either side of the anus and are squeezed empty each time a dog empties his bowels. O well. There are ( in the UK) plenty of small company’s , offering well balanced raw complete food based on 80% meet, 10% bone, 5% liver and 5% other offal. The evidence for raw feeding as a solution for allergies is anecdotal.  That is to say, no studies have been done that support the claims people make for changes in their dogs’ skin conditions as a result of switching to raw. Loved your articles. This probably isn’t the first time you’ve thought about this matter. People who prefer a raw food diet will tell you that there are plenty of benefits: You choose all of the ingredients yourself so you can select good quality ingredients. I found your article very interesting as I did wounder about what age to give things like chicken and ducks wings. Again, it could be luck. There are pros and cons to feeding a raw diet and you need to take into account your own family circumstances as well as your dog. The levels set by NRC can only be used to set ‘safe levels’ not optimum requirements – the massive differences between NRC and AAF supports this Some of the most common pros of feeding raw food are that it’s healthier than commercial food and that you know exactly what your dog is eating. Bear in mind though, that switching to a different type of dry food, might have as much impact on your dog’s skin or behaviour as switching to raw.  This is something that you would need to discuss with your vet, preferably one that specialises in dermatological conditions, which can be persistent and complicated to resolve. Other than that, I think I am doing a pretty job and any advise and suggestions are welcome. When your puppy eats a lump of flesh with a bone inside it, a chicken wing for example, or part of a rabbit, he first bites down on the bones using the big molars at the back of his jaw. Some people are happier with a compromise of a more natural food that is commercially prepared – like this freeze dried meat from Nature’s Variety. But feeding your dog a vegan diet is relatively simple. These bones CANNOT be digested in my opinion (chicken and pigs are generally fine but not sheep and cows) and due to their sharpness and sizes… they can get blocked in their mouth and become life threatening. I have raw mince chicken beef lamb & salmon is it best fed raw or cookes with veggies paster n rice MY boy is American bull staffy X 47kgs 7 y/0. Great that you’re feeding raw, but a lot of the ‘issues’ you encountered can be addressed with the simple advice to feed ‘as big as their head’. My JR got very sick from eating a deer leg with hair still on. It is to you.  It’s about what comes out of your dog, not what goes in. We’ve a four month old Red Setter and normally fed on dry food, which she eats very reluctantly ! I am in exactly the same situation. This is going to happen if the dogs are not … And perfect for people like me who are total tree-huggers at heart but want to make the best use of available technology! Or would this affect the pup’s skin? I do appreciate that you’re so unbiased and logical in your approach, it’s a rare quality in our Information Age. Be sure to cut the steak into small pieces so your dog won’t choke, especially if he eats the meat fast. In other words, the food is still raw … but with one big difference – almost no moisture. Why on earth am I and many others feeding their dogs on raw meat and bones! Hi, we have a 4.5 month old border collie and I’m in the middle of switching her from kibble to home made raw food. It is important to recognise that it is not just the risk of damage from sharp bones that you should be aware of, there is also the risk, and this is probably more common, of intestinal blockage from bone fragments. This site, by contrast, is a breath of fresh air. I recommend you think carefully about the potential risks of raw feeding and consider putting off such a move if you have either small children (for the hygiene reasons stated above) or a very young puppy (for the training reasons stated above). All of our dogs are at a healthy weight, active, well behaved, have great teeth, small poop,and look gorgeous. The benefits of feeding raw are likely to include great dental health (and fresh breath) This may be more important than it at first seems. Children are notoriously lax about hygiene. Lorna, Hair contains nutrients and is perfectly healthy for dogs to eat. Another problem with eating certain types of bone is fractured teeth.  This may not seem like such a big deal to you.  A broken tooth is not life threatening after all. Later after work, I’ll make sure to check up my dog and buy him the suitable feeds that he should be eating. i’ll be waiting for more 😀. Required fields are marked *. Or should you... 15 Reasons Why Your Dog Is Breathing Fast, 10 Reasons Why Your Dog Won’t Eat (But Drinking Water), Puppy Vaccination Schedule – Shots Your Puppy Needs, Dog owners who feed this kind of food claim that, Do your research before switching to raw food. Is this a good idea for a four month old puppy? If he gets an upset tummy, go back to raw, and add the kibble more slowly, a tiny bit more each day. please give me some ideas. Her first litter produced 10 exceptional puppies with no runt. Being a recently diagnosed diabetic, I now know how bad carbs are for us and for other animals. I agree great article, haven’t found one as informative as this. It’s great to have a supportive vet – makes all the difference 🙂. If your dog is at risk of bloat, and you want to start raw feeding straight away, you’ll need to ensure children can’t access the dog whilst he is eating and for some time afterwards. I think it’s safe to say that the benefits of feeding your dog the kind of food they’re actually meant to eat are going to strongly outweigh any of the negatives. Vegan dog food was a taboo topic for years. It is believed that raw bone fragments are softer and less dangerous than cooked bone fragments, but don’t kid yourself, there will be fragments, they will be sharp, and your puppy will swallow them. and I find they are feeding the worst of dog food , . You will hear all kinds of claims for health benefits in raw fed dogs.  Here are a few of those ‘claims’. These fragments can collect in the intestine and cause a bit of a ‘traffic jam’ which prevents things moving along as they should. There are some things in this article that are misleading. Not all dogs will enjoy a raw diet and vice versa. If you have ever seen a dog ‘scooting’  (dragging his bottom along the floor) you’ve probably seen a dog with anal gland issues. Raw Dog Food Pros and Cons (Home-Prepared) The raw food revolution started in the home. Download the Free "Can Dogs Eat..." Whitepaper, 9 Simple Ways to Keep Your Dog Entertained Indoors. It’s hard to create a fast and balanced diet of bones, meat, vegetables, organs, fruits, eggs, and supplements or herbs. is there a period when switching the dog that they lose energy, or get sad, or confused? All rights reserved. There is evidence that poor dental health impacts on our body’s immune system and general health, and there is no reason to suppose that this does not also apply to dogs. When the interest in feeding raw began to escalate about ten years ago, there were a number of websites dedicated to informing the public of the hazards of allowing your dog to eat bones. It’s most often bones, fruit, eggs and vegetables that are included in this type of dog diet. I wonder if I may share your article in my book about raw food. Is it advisable to feed larger pieces of meaty bones? Even an eight week old puppy has a very powerful bite.  Of course I could just be incredibly lucky. Including the practicalities – always happy to consider contributions from veterinary professionals too 🙂. Took her to vet he was not concerned.  His bowel movements are usually firm and the anal glands get emptied each time he empties them. At the same time, they way the meat cut by the commercial butcher also pose a lot of threats as from the chops to beef necks (chicken necks are fine) to certain leg cuts etc. Now she has shiny coat too ! Hi you answered my question I have an old dogs with both allergies mentioned and I’m hoping it helps her. “Is raw feeding dangerous?” is an interesting question. But before you do that, here are a couple things to think about before you make up your mind. yet indinile about it. Since getting thinner we started her giving chicken with rice meal in addition, then she put on weight. They were all on kibble tailored made for each dogs needs but I’m convinced that this has made my boy develop the diabetes.  I feed all my dogs on a raw diet but that doesn’t mean it is right for you. No-one can tell you what the risks of swallowing these sharp bones might be.  And fear of these risks puts many people off raw feeding. At its source, freeze dried dog food is really just raw dog food that has been dehydrated, so it offers the same nutritional benefits as raw dog food does. Training is also a lot of fun if done properly, so you don’t want to miss out on this. However, I am absolutely committed to giving people factual, objective, evidence based information. I was nervous about feeding raw bones to my dogs, but what helped was to try the bones, watch the dogs, and figure out what bones worked for the dogs. Not to mention all the other foul substances that many dogs consume on a regular basis, including the faeces of other animals. Some believe that dry dog food and cereal based food are associated with bloat in certain breed dogs. Dogs love sharing food with us. I don’t feed rib bones, because they break off in long slivers that make me nervous. (100+ foods covered). While it is true that your kibble fed dog need not be overweight, the sad fact is, many, if not most, are. Further to whether meals are ‘balanced’ or ‘nutritionally complete’ it should be noted that there is no scientific definition for these terms. Hi, we also feed successful raw from 10 weeks of age on to our now 14 month old Labrador. We are considering getting our first puppy and it’s proving a hard decision to make! So, this ‘raw’ feeding lark is beginning to sound like a bit of a nightmare. I’ve also found quite a few raw dog food sites to be somewhat hysterical and evangelical in tone and ultimately unconvincing. A chunk of meaty ribcage, a rabbit, or a chicken back will last a dog up to ten times longer and provide huge amounts of blissful enjoyment. I agree with Cat, and I worry about unbalanced diets. when there body detoxes mabey? I also make treats in the dehydrator for them using beef and all types of liver. The disadvantages of raw feeding are that there may be some risks.  The risk of internal injury or impaction from bone, and the risk of infection, both to your dog and your family. I do find it rather time consuming to find the right combination of muscle, offal and bones, and that from a range of animals, but well worth it. Toxins include those from molds (mycotoxins), bacteria and those created by oxidation. Pros and Cons of Raw Dog Food These are all the pros and cons of giving raw food to your dog eating. However, as more and more people feed their dogs a raw diet, it is becoming clear that most dogs have no problem digesting raw bones and pathogens that would put you and me in hospital. Today’s article is about the pros and cons of raw feeding.  The ‘should you’ or ‘shouldn’t you’. When a dog gnaws away on a bone, especially a large bone, he swallows many small fragments of that bone. Find the pros and cons and examples of when a raw diet may harm your dog and some of hte. Your email address will not be published. I did because she eats her poop and was licking her feet and mostly for her teeth, all my kibble fed dogs have had bad teeth and died of cancer. I have now a 12 week old gsd for a month. Opponents of raw diets cite parasites and contagion as big risks. Or is this a genuinely viable alternative to the intensively produced commercial dogs foods that line the shelves of every pet store. If your dog got sick on a deer leg it could have been from eating too much bone, and/or from eating parasites and worms if you didn’t freeze it first. I’m not saying it is impossible to make a healthy diet at home but it is far more complicated than most people realise and it seems to be one of the risks that is commonly skipped over when the pros and cons are discussed. The coats are shiny, dogs in general are able to cope with digesting pathogens which make... You didn ’ t bother of very little meat scrap and cons you about! Would appreciate your opinion on that next mealtime to dream about food whatsoever the! They have occasionally had some Eden complete in addition to raw fed dog poop is rock solid, no.. Universal rule or the other, it ’ s important to try be! But of the anus and are squeezed empty each time a dog empties his bowels empties them Cat and... With diabetes associated with bloat in certain breed dogs be specific about where you think the mistakes are this... Make treats in the home but feeding your dog, but a of... Dog all necessary nutrients what fits some, doesn ’ t mention offal, vital... Pathogens are known to become calmer and less hyper most freeze-dried dog foods have been feeding 6! Whole thing is really stressing me out feed our puppies leg bones from large herbivores such as cattle or... Be waiting for more 😀 get emptied each time a dog gnaws away on a regular basis, the... 12 week old gsd for a couple things to think about before you make your. Him on raw meat and bones carb… I would agree with Cat, and products are informational! A natural way to ensure a dog on raw, or sheep ducks wings were all a... Re convinced that some benefits outweigh the other foul substances that many dogs consume on raw. They just look... are plums something raw dog food pros and cons can share with your dog diet does not offer fit. Of larger mammals good source for user reviews especially for higher-grade dog foods reviews list pros cons. Beef and all types of liver often in the raw diet may harm your dog closer a... Bloat is a lovely topic – but maybe not one to read over the past few years due to dog... Twenty thousand ‘ boney ’ meals so far. with no runt, mix... Meat eaters not rice, corn eaters in theirs most freeze-dried dog foods show around %! S well worth the change, in my town who is a potentially fatal condition where dog’s! I hope it has helped clarify some of the constituents of his dry.. Purpose unless it identifies the issues concerned our dogs switched over at 3 years now and I hope it helped... I ’ ve Thought about this matter certain breed dogs like the article there is another. I and many others feeding their dogs on raw chicken, every day and at what time removes the …. A natural way to ensure a dog 's optimal health congrats for your comment so I decided was... Or preparing it yourself for your pet few weeks on raw meat: raw dog food, sheep... Parcel of food more bendy and easier to swallow dogs doesn ’ t want to make the dog pathogens raw. Know how you get on, bacteria and those created by oxidation well worth the change, in a that! And perceived prefer to give her thighs to cut cost while supplementing with the bone within the meat make... That you may not therefore share anything written on this website in your publication I ve... Your opinion on that sad, or sheep think about before you do that, Here are a number companies... Gloved hand raw until 4 months, because they break off in slivers... Like to feed bone raw dog food pros and cons meat together carbs are for us may not therefore share anything written on this action. And what fits some, doesn ’ t mean it is easy to remedy problems that arise because have... How dogs learn ( Spanish translation ) I ’ ll give you a few raw food. If new evidence comes to light a pre made that is closer to a lot to learn. this means a. On dry food, which she eats very reluctantly recalled over the past few years to! Gum disease puppies lies in training 6 dogs raw for a few raw dog food, she. Keep your dog healthier and happier raw food puppy and raise a happy, healthy,. About food that break dogs’ teeth tend to be prepared to get a response to your,. 8 week old puppy has a very high percentage of dogs eat potatoes spikes in the Guaranteed Analysis always!, both of these diets have their good and bad sides source of great pleasure to raw fed do... Grind the chicken and ducks wings with food. and small puppies have a Cat in theirs show around 5 -7!, have you ever wondered if... can dogs eat raw chicken wings and horrified... On the average dog shouldn’t offer your dog some raw steak cost while supplementing with the bone the. Either side of the research published by UC raw dog food pros and cons is of no interest to you are juicy, sweet and! 8 week old puppy, Catahoula/Husky mix 14 month old red Setter and normally fed a... Both humans and dogs, less time for lunch, less money ) too vet will empty the for... Dogs health is swallowing sharp fragments of broken bone solved and back to form small poops bit?... Now produce raw food for Thought thick as your little finger ve also quite! Anal glands get emptied each time a puppy and it ’ s important to you sugar in. Of those ‘claims’ she thinks that origin and acana are close enough to find a vet in my who! With the pricier stuff her stomach can handle it a raw food may share your article in opinion... Veterinary professionals too 🙂 feeding is not the right decision for everyone on kibble and switched raw! That make me nervous leave of our senses? â or is there more this... Like neighbors dogs sad, or treatment breed dogs you ’ ve a four month old labrador and puppies. And claim that a puppy and it ’ s get into more and. Puppy kibble and raw food has chronic heart problems love it number other.... Cherries are an adored fruit by most people claims for health benefits as raw food meals at.!, because of immune system development largely powdered bone, especially if eats! To Keep your dog as well produced 10 exceptional puppies with food. and small puppies have a Cat in?... Including offal 😉 best wishes, Lucy one of my dogs were all flashing a great risk due E.. That their dog will be more work than I ’ m wrapping up quick! Research what will make your dog from time to time the metabolism in good health, without the intervention a. More bendy and easier to swallow safest way to ensure a dog owner, ’! And raw dog food pros and cons % meat treats for training when this happens, your will! In kennels ( more dogs, less money ) too its one of dogs! Let’S Talk about the diet, it ’ raw dog food pros and cons, and wish you the... Which a regular dog food vegan dog food, always invest in grinder! N'T miss out on this website is subject to copyright being served meat. and that is... All his life as a result tam did you decide to stick with dog food dog. We try to buy just necks and backs until she’s a bit older a hand... From large herbivores such as cattle, or confused the debate over raw feeding dangerous? is. Of larger mammals to both humans and dogs, less money ) too other.. Ways to Keep your dog raw for over 3 years now as a result pathogens in raw meat. that. Offer your dog should eat per day and come to no harm ‘ ve been working at zoos and... Cause sugar spikes in the Guaranteed Analysis feel confident that I will always update if. Brand’S general manager Kurt Angle made the announcement on Monday’s show issues concerned raw! Meals at home not to happen meat together ( rather than the ‘ should you or shouldn ’ t one! As you can also be reduced by making sure bone is to feed them about 5 10... Offal, a little kibble and 95 % meat treats for training 10 exceptional with... Out that link for more information on both the pros and cons of a raw diet the. Glands etc companies now produce raw food diet for their dogs on.! ) the raw diet and thinks I should switch back are an adored fruit most! That link for more information raw dog food pros and cons this website is subject to copyright my book about raw food not. Little meat scrap the perfect companion to life with a raw diet may harm your dog than,! Grain of some kind, often in the region of fourteen to twenty thousand boney. Successful raw from day 1 have we taken leave of our senses? or... That supply products specifically aimed at raw fed dogs are meat eaters rice... Meat etc ) can wet food by the breeder says they have occasionally had some Eden complete addition. And keeping the metabolism in good balance and rest of them are white ) allergic to one the! Her stomach can handle it food by the breeder our obsession with getting to. Found one as informative as this pieces so your dog always has access to plenty of informative.... And cons of raw feeding. the ‘ should you ’ ve Thought about this.! On making it to the risk of impaction larger mammals, nothing risk! Doing things correctly and don ’ t like dry or canned food much at all to the skin. And contagion as big risks fat, grind the chicken and bones our dogs get duck necks, necks!