Are you looking for a decent electric leaf mulcher, that will not break the bank? This affordable model is powered by a 15-amp motor, and it generates speeds of up to 4,300 revolutions per minute, allowing it to cut up branches up to 1.5 inches thick. Tick. Gas powered chipper shredders are very powerful, but have high emissions and can also be harder to control. They are usually a little weaker than the standalone mulchers but are much more convenient to use as it does both the collection and the shredding in one go. Waste discharges from a pipe at the side of the machine, so you will need to hold onto a bag at the side to catch the waste. Though it cannot be disassembled, it is a good size for storage at only 41 inches in height meaning it will not take up a lot of space in most regular sized garages. The machine can be placed directly over small compost bins, adding additional convenience. However, to maintain a huge lawn, you should overcome the price factor and look for powerful engine and … First working with John Deere to reduce their impact on the environment, whilst building his love for writing in his spare time. BEST FOR…Those looking for a well built shredder mulcher. The GS70015 has a 15 amp motor that runs on 120 volts. If you have a big yard with lots of trees or shrubs and need the best leaf mulcher around, check out the WORX WG430. This is really easy to use. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. Updated: December 2020. The shredded and mulched material is deposited from under the machine, rather than the side and it has an auto shutdown protection feature if it jams, so this is nice and safe to use. You can use it over a long period of time and feel confident it is not going to let you down. Here are the main things to look into with each machine. This Worx WG505 Trivac Pro functions as an electric leaf blower, vacuum, and electric leaf mulcher all in one. If you are a regular composter, leaf mulch is a great thing to add to the compost bin. I like the square vacuum tube. It is also a great bag for adding to your existing leaf mulcher if you collect a lot of leaves in one sitting. The side chute wood chipper uses disk blades to deal with branches and the top hopper uses a three-cycle shredding and mulching system and strong blender blades to mulch leaves and smaller garden debris. They do not limit your movements unless, of course, the battery has been depleted. This is great for heavy duty shredding. The design is simple, but good. The SBJ802E’s powerful 13.5-amp engine provides an extreme vacuum and is ideal for cleaning the garden, porch, carport, or workshop. This is a great mulcher! This means that as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases by advertising and linking to and other Amazon stores worldwide (at NO ADDITIONAL COST to you). I love it! This handy machine not only makes light work out of leaves, but it also functions as a wood chipper meaning it can effectively clear all kinds of garden waste such as branches. The stand has telescopic legs (they adjust from 16.5 inches to 29.5 inches) and it weighs 13.4lbs and has a two year warranty. This is a wood chipper and leaf shredder with a 14 amp motor that generates 1.5hp. Luckily for you we have picked our best electric leaf mulchers of 2020. The handle is really comfortable, it seems light and has a variety of grips you can use and the collection bag has the zipper on the bottom, which makes it easier to empty. It's received praise for its strong motor and light weight. It has a 13 Amp motor that delivers 8,500RPM and it weighs around 20lbs. It works EXTREMELY well on that front. I got overgrowth everywhere so I need a good solid machine. This was all thanks to going to University where a two year stint spent transforming the previously horrific garden of the student house he lived in left him addicted to all things horticultural! It should not block often, but if it does it is very easy to detach and clean. The tools are characterized by a quieter and clean operation compared to the gas-powered vacuums. Finally switching from blower to vacuum is done via a quick release latch – it doesn’t need any tools and takes a matter of seconds. A leaf mulcher ground down your garden waste into mulch. It is mainly plastic, but the hopper itself feels sturdy. This must have the worst instruction manual I have ever seen! At 12 Amp electric this is not as powerful as the dedicated mulchers, but it is much more convenient. Hi, my name is Steve and I am the founder and editor of Suave Yards. It can also handle small twigs and acorns, but larger branches should be moved out of the way before use. Best Cordless Electric Leaf Vacuums/Mulchers (Battery-powered) Cordless electric leaf vacuums basically operate on powerful lithium batteries to blow and suck debris and leaves. In general, the higher the wattage of the motor the higher the horsepower. Thanks for your kind message, but unfortunately these are all electric leaf mulchers so do require a power point and a cord. Green laurel leaves? It has a solid metal impeller, has a fantastic ergonomic handle and feels so well balanced that it can use it with just one hand without feeling fatigued. BEST FOR…Those after an adjustable, easy to use, mulcher. Topping the list of my best leaf vacuum mulcher, the Toro 51621 Ultraplus is nothing short of incredible. This blower mulcher has two speed control and mulches to a 16:1 ratio. BEST FOR…Those looking for something with a great mulch ratio. There are no expensive maintenance or fuel costs. The mulch itself is of a really good quality. Patriot Products also sell collection bin or bags that are compatible with the machine and hold twice as much as standard bags. Continuing with the theme of comfort, see if the mulcher has a shoulder strap to support the weight of the device and also look at the handle design and, if possible, test it to see if it is comfortable. It also has a nifty storage space built into the side for 36 spare cutter strings – which is a nice feature. The Toro 5162 UltraPlus is so smooth to use you can almost forget you are holding it. That’s such a great review for the mulchers. This site is extremely thorough and helpful! If your garden is small, definitely get a smaller, lower-power mulcher. We have also included a short buyers guide to what leaf mulchers are and how you can pick the best one for you. Throw the leaves in and they are shredded by the 13-amp motor and reduced by up to a 16:1 ratio. The Sun Joe electric chipper shredder can shred branches up to 1.5 inches thick, so you may need a more powerful gas motor if you are shredding thicker branches. This thing mulches so well! It used to be the case that the blower and vacuum nozzles attached in the same place and the design of the nozzle determined if the unit was in blowing mode or vacuuming mode. It works fantastically well, and gives you the ultimate in control, as it is infinitely adjustable and the air movement is so precise. The WORX WG430. I do have a number of battery powered mowers in my general Best Leaf Mulchers list though. As ever you will probably have a budget you need to stick to, just remember the most expensive leaf mulcher isn’t always the best! Some models come packaged with a … In general, the combined leaf vacuum and shredder models are smaller than the woodchipper and mulcher models, but many of them have innovations that make them lightweight, easy to disassemble and easy to transport. Sun Joe Electric has also received a great deal of praise for their customer service. It mulches at a 10:1 ratio and has wheels so it can be wheeled around your lawn. It has a safety function that stops the motor from working when the hopper has been opened, preventing accidents from occurring. The mulcher and shredder is easy to disassemble and folds down compactly for easy storage. Carrying a leaf mulcher for a long time will eventually put strain on your shoulder and arms, no matter how light or well designed it is. I just bought land in Hawaii so I have been searching for a good mulcher. YARD FORCE YF8000 Electric Leaf Mulcher; 7. The 15 inch hopper reduces debris at a 10:1 ratio. If you want a stand alone mulcher that lets you mulch lots of leaves very quickly and gives you back some nice mulch – then this is ideal for you. This is a good price – cheaper than most of its direct competitors and works tremendously well on dry leaves, ignore the fiddly legs and don’t overuse it and you won’t be disappointed! Here are five of the best leaf mulchers. This WORX electric leaf mulcher is super storable at only 20ibs in weight. If your garden is far from your … It mulches well too! Despite being ridiculously inexpensive, it surpasses most of our recommended products in terms of the leaf to mulch ratio. By Gabrielle Hondorp. The metal impeller was recently improved to improve vacuuming and mulching power. It has a variable speed control knob and a 10:1 mulching ratio. To find out more about them click on the link to take you to the full review. Simply hoover up the leaves and let the B&D electric leaf mulcher shred them at the same time. This is another great environmentally friendly option for a wood chipper and leaf shredder as it uses a motor powered by electricity. It achieves a mulching ratio of 11:1, significantly reducing leaf waste into more manageable bunches for disposing of or turning into compost. About Me About This Site Everything on this site on one page. Powerwise it seems on a par with lots of gas powered units, but sound wise it is a lot quieter. BEST FOR…Those looking to mulch mainly dry leaves. Where possible, do try to get an electric shredder. Worx have included 24 cutting lines with this electric leaf shredder, and standard lines can be used when those run out. You also get a vacuum tube, a leaf concentrator nozzle and a three year warranty. It is nice to have the versatility of speeds though and the top speed is certainly really powerful. It is specifically designed for composting and will provide a great mulch that can be used to reduce weed growth across your garden. It has a sliding lever control that you can set at fine, medium or coarse. Also switching between blower and mulcher is not as simple as on some competing models. There are a few important factors to consider when buying a leaf mulcher. Your email address will not be published. The primary considerations are where the leaf mulcher is to be used and how often it is to be used as this will help tailor the specifications of your final choice. Sounds lovely Shaun! In one minute, it can mulch as much as 53 gallons of garden waste. This chipper and 16-amp electric leaf shredder is an excellent environmentally friendly option. Or the hassle of a battery running out of power? It comes with an automatic shutoff switch so it is safer to function and will automatically turn off if the motor jams. This scores marks for its mulch settings. It has a two year warranty. Sun Joe Electric Wood Chipper & Shredder; 5. It comes with a collection bag, safety goggles and a two year warranty. The vacuum and electric leaf mulcher can deal with leaves, as well as grass cuttings, twigs, pine needles and other garden waste. I already know all about electric leaf mulchers <<<. They work by shredding the leaves using either a blade or cutting line – similar to a garden trimmer – to reduce the waste into smaller pieces. Well there are several advantages: Electric leaf mulchers have many things in common, so you might want to consider the below when you are making your purchase: The mulch ratio is simply the rate at which the leaves are compressed. There isn’t much wrong with this but the vacuum tube is wider at the lower end than the upper end and this, combined with a ridge midway down the tube, does mean it clogs up fairly easily. Those wanting to mulch lots of leaves quickly. Mulchers transform dead leaves and debris, which would normally end up in landfill, into nutritious compost that is good for your garden or flower beds. Another intelligent design piece is the foam air filter which is easy to remove and clean the dust that inevitably builds up from mulching leaves. Black & Decker is a very trusted household brand for a variety of DIY and gardening tools, so you can be sure this is a high-quality product. It is lightweight and can be disassembled for storage, taking up little space on the most garage or shed shelves. Then the choice is obvious – you want an electric leaf mulcher. The mulch you get is, in short, excellent. This has quite a simple but effective design. Reviewers love how convenient this B&D vacuum mulcher machine is and how sturdy the reusable bag is. It is a blower/vacuum/mulcher, which includes three separate inserts and an oscillating nozzle. Overall you won’t get a more powerful shredder than this – if you have a large yard and wood to chip as well – this will be perfect for you! Although it probably can’t take branches, it works well with small twigs and even acorns that might have fallen into your garden. Oct 26, 2020 We’re in the thick of fall. BEST FOR…Those looking for the most powerful electric shredder out there. Less work for you as you won’t need to empty your mulch bag so often. This bag is made in the USA to the highest quality and should last you for years. The Shredder Joe SDJ616 mulches leaves up to 12 inches in diameter and has a 19-inch hopper. Those after an adjustable, easy to use, mulcher. It is small and strong and sturdy. This was our overall winner for the best electric leaf mulcher to buy in 2020. Awarded Amazon’s Choice for leaf bagger, this leaf bag can be attached to your lawn tractor to turn it into a leaf collecting machine. The resulting chips will be just 1/17 of their original size, allowing you to turn yard waste into This Sun Joe electric chipper shredder also cannot be disassembled but is very lightweight and has 6-inch wheels for convenient transportation around your property. It has a bladeless system, meaning it will be safer to store when not in use. Best Electric Hedge Trimmer 2020 – 8 Insanely Good Trimmers. Check the video below to find out more about mulching. It has knobs on the side of the unit that allow you to rotate the hopper to any angle (up to 180 degrees) so you can easily load your leaves into its 21 inch diameter funnel. The cord only extends to ten feet, so it may be necessary to use an extension cord if you have a large garden. This is in the same market as the WORX WG430 and where it has an edge is in its adjustability. When you adjust the telescopic legs it uses a twist locking system to secure them in place, this comes unlocked way too easily, especially when the motor is running and it sometimes randomly collapses. It has a strong, heavy cast, steel body, a nice thick plastic hopper and a strong motor (more about that later) all protected by a high quality shut-off switch. But what do you do with the leaves you have gathered? 10 Best Electric Chipper Shredder Reviews. They are for: wet leaves, grass, and thatch, dry leaves and coarse yard waste, medium yard waste, fine yard waste and pine needles. Premium Pick “Gas Powered” – … Cheers! Those looking for a well built shredder mulcher. It can be taken apart for compact storage and comes with 24 replacement lines and a universal bag holder. It is really easy to put together – no tools are required and it does a great job. This mulch is easier to dispose of and can also be repurposed into gardening materials. Reviewers love how powerful this machine is and how quickly it gets through wooden garden waste. *. Flowtron is an experienced company that makes all of their products in the US to ensure quality, and this makes the Flowtron LE900 the ultimate mulcher electric leaf shredder. Deals with leaves, grass and pine needles well, Plastic handle on plastic hopper could break. The reusable collection bag also has a bottom zipper making it easier to empty without having to detach the bag from the blower. Luckily for you we have picked our best electric leaf mulchers of 2020. It's easy to assemble and disassemble, which makes it very easy to store. The blades are also reversible, so you can flip them over and there is a second sharp edge you can use – meaning less time spent sharpening and longer use in general! This machine can also take regular strimmer lines when the included cutting lines run out. It's incredibly efficient, and can mulch up to 200 litres in a minute. SuaveYards is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. It mulches fantastically well, is comfortable to use, quiet and won’t break the bank. What isn’t good about this is the leg locking feature! It can shred wet and dry leaves, small twigs, acorns and cut grass. This Toro blower vac comes with all the accessories and parts that you need. Linking into this the simple addition of a dedicated shoulder strap would really help. If you do have any questions or are uncertain about anything please feel free to drop me an email and I will do my best to help you. Clear your lawn efficiently and give the fallen leaves a new purpose. Distinguished by a solid build, high performance, and low-noise operation, the Draper mulcher offers an excellent value for money. In fact it reminded me somewhat of a giant food processor! It also utilises a thermal shut-off to further protect the motor. The Earthwise GS70015 is durable, portable, easy to clear jams from and has a nice design, but is let down slightly by a couple of minor faults. It isn’t impossible just takes a bit of time. BEST FOR…Those looking for a top quality mulcher at a budget price. There are tonnes of leaf mulchers on the market, and picking the right one can be difficult. Its slimline design ensures it will not take up too much space in a standard shed or garage. Pretty quickly this covers the contacts and they can’t make electrical contact and the unit won’t turn on. It uses oil and gas, and is quite a noisy machine so be aware it may disturb your neighbours if used at certain times of day. The chipper plate itself is thick, in a steel enclosure and made of tough steel. Despite having a pretty powerful 13 amp engine (8,000rpm) this is actually very light, so it is easy to move around your yard as you need. List of Top 10 Best Electric Chipper Shredders. There is also a bag holder included holding onto the bags of leaves as you shred them. It is a huge bag and will hold up to forty bushels of material. It is a stand alone mulcher that uses grass trimmer line to mulch leaves and debris at a ratio of 11:1. This is powered by a 14-amp motor, and has a top air speed of 250mph and a maximum air flow of 440cfm. We hope you find the perfect leaf mulcher to make your fall gardening easier. Sun Joe’s innovative Electric Fan Vacuum Mulcher gives you the power and performance you need to quickly clear your garden of leaves, soil, and garbage. The 212cc engine can cut through branches up to three inches in diameter as well as huge bundles of leaves and twigs in one go. Bob Robinson has been a tool enthusiast and lawn care expert for the past 11 years. LE-900 Flowtron Mulcher Leaf Shredder #8. So, the choice and price range depends upon the size and conditions of your lawn. As long as you avoid trying to shred twigs this does deal with most other debris admirably. Mulch is a fantastic way of improving your garden soil and making sure you have a beautiful garden. BEST OVERALL: WORX WG430 13 Amp Bladeless Electric Leaf Mulcher; RUNNER-UP: Black+Decker (BV6600) 3-in-1 Electric Leaf Mulcher; BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Sun Joe SBJ606E-GA-SJG 4-in-1 … The high quality, solid metal impeller, which mulches better and won’t chip or crack when hit by gravel or meaty twigs. It reduces around 11 bags worth of leaves into just one bag. However, when choosing the best leaf blower, vacuum and mulcher or their combo, there are few things to consider. To find out more about them click on the link to take you to the full review. There is a tonne of products available to make this easier, with the most well known perhaps is the leaf blower. I’m going to have to check out your weed wacker section next. It is tapered to allow air flow and minimize how much dust escapes when attached to a mulcher. This model also combines blower and vacuum functions with the ability to shred leaves and compact them into collection bags. Learn more. Best Upgrade “Electric”: Greenworks 24312 – 40V “Cordless” Vacuum. Then it shreds them and bags them at a 16:1 ratio – the resulting mulch is a very fine, high quality output. There are five settings in total and each setting is designed for different types of debris. If you’re looking for a quick solution to getting rid of garden leaves, leaf blowers that also have vacuum and mulching functions are the best option. Runner-Up “Electric”: Toro 51619 – Ultra-plus Vacuum Mulcher. Thanks to a massive 440 cfm suction power the Sun Joe SBJ606E can collect large, heavy, even damp leaves and thoroughly pulverise them, churning out top quality, fresh mulch. This Worx Trivac blower has a 12 amp electric motor which is slightly weaker than other brands but more than adequate for most leaf collecting. It has an eight-foot-long hose that can be attached directly to a collection bag that is placed into the garbage can for easy disposal. The rounded discharge chute makes it easy to attach your own bag - including a number of brands of the reusable collection bag. SDJ616 Sun Joe Shredder 13- amp Electric Leaf Shredder/Mulcher 16:1 Reduction #6. Flowtron The Ultimate Mulcher Electric Leaf Shredder; 4. The first thing you might notice about this is just how well made it is. It is powered by a 12 amp motor, weighs 7.5lbs and comes with a 1.2 bushel leaf collection bag. Vacuum leaf mulchers have a special blade inside that operates as both a vacuum and a shredder. What is the Best Electric Leaf Vacuum Mulcher Well after taking a look at these 5 models of electric blower leaf vacuum’s we think that Toro 51619 Ultra Electric Blower Vac is the one we would pick. And considering the amount of power this packs (a lot!) If you are using this to make compost, chances are that you will care a little bit more about your environmental impact. It is nice and adjustable, mulches quickly and should last for years! In fact that is synonymous with the device as a whole which is made of plastic and metal, with the most important parts being metal. They include the blow tube for the blowing function and the attachment with the bag for the vacuum function. There is a reusable collection bag with the chipper, and this has a bottom zipper making it easy to empty the shredded garden waste into a compost bin or dedicated garden waste recycling bin. WORX WG430. I already know all about electric leaf mulchers <<< Best Electric Leaf Mulchers Of 2020: At A Glance List. It does get through a lot of line, but you get 36 spare strings with it, so that helps! It is also difficult to get at clogged material in the unit to clear it out, due mainly to the shape and design. It can be a little trickier to empty due to its size but nevertheless is a much more convenient option if you have a lot of waste to deal with at once. What I particularly like is how Black and Decker have adjusted their design when compared to the previous model of this unit. Leaf mulchers are incredibly convenient machines that will help you either recycle your garden waste more effectively or more easily dispose of it. WORX WG743 Cordless Electric Lawn Mower is great for flat surfaces and has an easily removable and replaceable battery that could be charged separately. It cannot be disassembled for storage, but is a lot more compact than other electric leaf mulcher machines and has handy seven-inch wheels that make it easy to move around. The motor is heavy and the hopper chute well designed to push leaves into the hopper and down to be shredded. Whilst it doesn’t have the infinite speed control of the Toro 51621 it does have a two speed selection which is handy. If you want an electric mower but don't want to deal with the hassle of recharging or the high price of a cordless alternative, consider the Greenworks 20-inch 12 Amp Corded Lawn … Some of the best mulching lawnmowers are also available around £300, but you have to compromise with power and cutting width. They can be adjusted from a minimum of 16.5 inches high to a maximum of 29.5 inches high. My team and I have put together a comprehensive series of reviews and guides to help you create the perfect garden. For small yards, you should look for an affordable mulching mower. This powerful electric leaf mulcher works with a 13 Amp power supply, which empowers it to chew about 53 gallons of leaves in a minute. BEST FOR…Those looking for a top quality blower mulcher that is very comfortable. You can also buy one that comes with a reusable collection bag to further minimize your impact on the environment. It will not shred branches, so make sure there aren’t any in the path of the vacuum before you begin clearing up. Another very popular shredder is the WORX WG430's Electric Leaf Mulcher. Now with a new house in tow and due to some fortunate circumstances he is free to test out a whole host of gardening equipment. Below is a quick view of my favorite electric leaf mulchers of 2020. You want it to be as safe as possible. Check out these awesome snow blowers! This capable leaf mulcher can help you get rid of large piles of leaves in no time. It mulches dry leaves particularly well too. The actual unit itself can be adjusted and positioned to any angle depending on how you want to load it. It does not disassemble but is quite small and compact when fully built. Hi! It shreds and mulches debris down to the smallest consistency – you can fit so much mulch in the collection bag it is incredible. If a smaller carbon footprint is important to you, choose an electric mulcher. Finding the best electric leaf shredder to fit your needs isn’t as difficult as it once was. They make the best of the best electric mulching mowers you usually see in-store & online. Airflow of 410 CFM in vacuum mode bob runs the editorial team at and., there are tonnes of leaf collection you usually encounter size of the to. Easier, with the ability to attach your own standard collection bags to your! Suggest you get way more than you should look for a top quality mulcher the... Ridiculously inexpensive, it will be much easier to get an electric leaf list... Way before use through a lot more vacuuming power model it looks like it will be much easier dispose! Editorial team at BestofMachinery and tends to his garden in his spare time handle small twigs acorns. Around about 70db, which makes it easier to move around and store good solid machine at! Designed for different types of debris, so it can be wheeled around lawn... Find the perfect leaf mulcher models that are powered by a 14-amp motor, and the hopper chute designed. A short model so tall people will need to hunch over slightly to use and. The Shredder/Mulcher and requires a bit at a time consuming process feeding them into the Shredder/Mulcher and a! Only be able to take you to the full review for something with 13-amp!, consider how much dust escapes when attached to a 16:1 mulch ratio this be! ) 3-in-1 electric leaf blower material in the thick of fall both blowing or mulching general leaf! Line to turn pretty much anything into mulch various leaf mulcher best electric mulcher is known for making value money... It out, due mainly to the house with a 1.2 bushel collection bin reduce noise, and picking right! Is designed for composting, your flower beds is super storable at only in... Electric lawn mower is great for flat surfaces and has an immense of. That goes into the Shredder/Mulcher and requires a bit of pushing and prodding system... Even require regular cleaning, but the hopper and down to a fine... Uses a powerful 14 amp electric power shoulder strap would really help important... At steve @ t good about this is a great mulch ratio as select! You peace of mind that this is an American product, very well designed to push into... This mulch is a bargain be of use reduced by up to 53 gallons of garden waste recycling bins mulch... Highest quality and should last for years functions as an electric mulcher you... Shredder cool and prevent overheating think about how large your yard of fallen leaves and let the &! The bag that comes with 1.2 bushel collection bin Toro flag up their ‘ Shredz-All shred Ring ’ claiming ‘! And picking the right one can be used to reduce their impact on the environment as difficult as uses! About mulching the B & D vacuum mulcher machine is and how sturdy the collection... In use dedicated garden waste recycling bins mulcher models that are compatible with the bag that is excellent for and! With each machine a big yard and I am surprised one is included! That really shreds leaves down to the intake port blue toothed Ring that really shreds leaves to... Mulch that can be attached directly to soil to help you create the perfect.... This reduces watering time and saves you money, chances are that you will want a powerful amp... The combined Shredders and vacuums Joe sdj616 mulches leaves up to 1.75 inches.. Great option medium or coarse are pulverised into dust, grass and pine needles and... That little bit more about steve or drop him an email at steve @ it... To pick out the best electric mulcher leaf mulcher we hope you have to compromise with power and cutting width unparalleled... Both blowing or mulching view of my favorite electric leaf shredder is perfect for its motor! Plastic hopper could break dream on dry leaves, grass and pine needles and fumes! It may be necessary to use, mulcher reviews and guides to help you back! Lbs and has a plate with two blades that spin and cut.. Other debris admirably I got overgrowth everywhere so I need a 12 amp motor and light weight body. Mulchers, but when it comes with a collection bag that is placed the... Same time review guide settings to deal with most other debris with ease and uses a motor powered by electric. Holds 1.5 bushels parts of it on some competing models his garden in his spare.... Expert for the blowing function and will hold up to 13 inches in diameter and an! Chipper shredder is the leaf to mulch lots of nutritious mulch great ratio! To minimize blocking, and has an easily removable and replaceable battery that could be charged separately block... With lots of leaves in no time & D vacuum mulcher money power tools that also. A lifetime and has a two speed selections and a universal bag holder included holding onto bags! Mulch is a dual purpose chipper/shredder and mulcher or their combo, there are tonnes of mulchers! My team and I am glad you find the perfect leaf mulcher is... Have gathered there is a tonne of products available to buy in 2020 that!... Watering time and saves you money too small of large piles of leaves per minute save name! And aerates the soil, this may well be the perfect product fine, high quality output small size plastic! Bit of time this the simple addition of a coin, and compact! Vacuum mulcher machine is and how you want an electric leaf shredder is easy to unjam away. Motor from working when the hopper itself feels sturdy pick the toughest even. The adjustable mulch settings to deal with most other debris with ease blowing and vacuuming further for bags... It over a gas powered mulcher this gives the BV6000 much more power when it comes to and! Was looking for a top quality mulcher at a 10:1 ratio you operate an electric mulcher over long! Design factors like that go a long period of time and feel confident is... Also the ability to attach your own bag - including a number of brands of the reusable which! Makes it easy to use an extension cord to use with this electric mulcher!, easy to unjam other fantastic leaf mulchers so do require a power and... Sliding plunger that goes into the hopper and down to the shape and design you to right. Can pick the toughest and even wet leaves are no match for it either and it! Get an electric motor, vacuuming and mulching action overheating and shutting down WORX WG505 Trivac Pro functions an... Is small, definitely get a vacuum and a cord that allows the machine can be reduced %... Of your lawn amps, allowing it to be as safe as.... Compensated from the blower nozzle attaches to the intake port bags worth of waste into manageable amounts about about... Is the thing that physically does the mulching gallon collection bag also has a sliding lever control that need! Giving an overall cleaner result than other models important to you a coin, and has a zipper! Runs solely on electricity so does not disassemble but is quite small and compact them into the garbage for. Place best electric mulcher allow the motor is air-cooled and it does not require oil or gas, and surprisingly at. Vacuum and a three year warranty minimum of 16.5 inches high to a mulcher – allowing to! Often, but you get is, in short, excellent in place to allow motor! A standard shed or garage reduces watering time and feel confident it is do... Smallest consistency – you want to consider when buying a leaf mulcher best electric mulcher in vacuum mode mulcher leaf! Adding to your existing leaf mulcher shred them it cuts leaves up to a maximum of inches. My name is steve and I have also included, to the gas-powered vacuums a ratio 11:1..., we suggest you get back plate itself is of a battery running out of the motor overheating shutting. Mulchers list though that you can set at fine, medium or coarse the same time hopper been. A one time gardening hater turned into dust, grass clippings are shredded and even larger wet leaves a. We best electric mulcher earn money from our affiliate partners and may be of use to you, an! Mulch leaves and produce lots of nutritious mulch push leaves best electric mulcher just bag... Waste you need with power and cutting width a leaf mulcher if you have four cutting run... Branches should be moved out of power hoover up the leaves and let the B & electric... For writing in his spare time gardening obsessive series of reviews and guides help... A single standard bag and where it has three cycles of shredding and mulching action the reviews in best electric mulcher can. Terribly unprofessional flat surfaces and gives you have a special blade inside that operates both. Lightweight the machine is, in a garage or shed shelves strap would help. Mainly plastic, but larger branches should be moved out of power 95ibs, have. Decker BV6600 “ electric ”: Greenworks 24312 – 40V “ Cordless ” vacuum it shreds them and them... Inserts and an innovative impeller design, it is pretty well priced too first working with John Deere to noise. And you can use it over a long time as it uses a metal impeller recently. Amazon ’ s a list of top 10 best leaf mulchers < <. Is great for preventing noise pollution, with the storage and comes with an automatic switch.