Thank you so much for trying this recipe several times already! Look at this link. I also removed it from the pan right away. To avoid this from happening again. Hello! . I’m just about to get started on making these after a success with your chiffon cake recipes Can I check, if I want to make it chocolate or just plain vanilla, do I just replace the matcha powder w cocoa powder for chocolate, and simply replace with flour and vanilla extract for vanilla flavour? I’ll give it a try next time , Hi Nami! Only if your pan is smaller, it should work fine. I used the jelly roll pan. Dessert. Yes I’d use vanilla essence. The Genoise method creates a more moist texture but Biscuit creates a lighter texture. I dont know if I can post the pic here. Awww I’m happy to hear you like this recipe! Overall phenomenal recipe and would try again! Thank you very much for your kind feedback! I always recommend to find hot spots and exact oven temperature by placing the thermometer inside the oven to check. My family finish eating the cake within 24 hours or so so I am not too sure after that… Make sure it is covered/wrapped well though. I’ve made this cake a few times already, and it’s always a big hit! Eg chocolate one? Thinking if I need to substitute it with anything such as vanilla extract? Fresh Strawberry and Cream Japanese Cake Roll, Echanted Forest Christmas Yule Log Cake Made with Japanese Cake Roll, How to Age Egg Whites for Baking Macarons, Fancy Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies – Large Size, Use a lower protein content flour like cake or pastry flour. I know where my hot spot is, and often times, my readers come back and tell me they found out the actual temperature is different. Also the whipcream I think I overbeat them because at first it was a pale green the one in your pictures and then after thay it turnes dark green. I’ve never made this cake with a pressure cooker or stovetop, but I do have a stovetop steamed cake recipe. I want to try this recipe out however I don’t have any sugar at home. Hi Sharon! Would you have any idea of that substitution? Dab a bit of the batter onto the sides of the parchment paper to keep corners together. Hi Maria! 5 tsp Dutch processed cocoa powder , (e.g. Thanks! In Japan, we always put the egg whites in fridge/freezer until you’re ready to whip. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link in the footer of our emails. Hi Nami, this looks absolutely delish! It’s funny you mentioned, as I follow a lot of Japanese YouTubers and they get the same question from American followers. Now fold the mixture over onto itself. This looks so fluffy and delicious. Add the dry ingredients. Fat 61g. So you need to adjust the cooking time a little shorter. But anyway, thank you for your tip on freezing for <8 minutes! I use (American) large eggs, which is roughly 50g (47-52 g). I did everything right. Hi Lisa! Place a piece of new parchment paper on top. If you have a soft spot for anything matcha (green tea), I am pretty sure you’re going to be as obsessed with this cake as I am. the best wishes for you and your family. I chose to leave the matcha out of the cream to create a contrast of colours. Thank you! The recipe was adapted from this Japanese cookbook. Then the coconut whip on top of the beans … the taste was great but the whip didn’t really show through on the roll, after I cut it. We all have to learn to adjust our oven by experimenting with it. This is perfect – well structured instructions, great tips, such a nicely balanced recipe! Hi! Thank you! ☺️. Fluffy sponge cake rolled up with fresh matcha cream in the middle, this Matcha Swiss Roll will be an instant favorite this holiday season! Hi Vicky! Thank you so much for trying this recipe and I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed it! Each oven is slightly different, so we need to adjust the baking time. Sorry to ride on this but when should i add the vanilla essence if i intend to skip the matcha? I have to make a Japanese food for my geography class, and this will work perfectly! Hi Nami! Will try again. It might be a lot easier to make that steamed cake than making into a swiss roll without an oven. Perfect for die hard caramel fans. Thank you for sharing your baking experience and tips with us.. Bake for 14-16 min. I’m glad to hear you enjoy my other recipes. I tried this recipe yesterday, but my cake wasn’t as green as yours (must be my Matcha powder quality) – do you have a recommended brand or what should I look out for when buying Matcha powder? Thank you for sharing your cooking experience and tips with us! One big tip: if you can, freeze the bowl you will use to whip the egg whites, and/ or keep the egg whites in the freezer for the ~8 minutes you aren’t using them. Bring the egg whites to a stiff peak. Very pleased, thank you for your most detailed step by step instructions. walnuts, vanilla extract, raisins, all purpose flour, granulated sugar and 15 more. I made this with my friends and it worked perfectly!! I noticed you said that egg whites should be cold. 6 / 67g left. We all loved it. . Fold into batter until no streaks remain. I’m so happy to hear yours came out well! Thank you! Thank you so much for trying this recipe! However, it did crack when I iced it whilst still slightly warm. Transfer it to your serving dish. Also, after pouring in the dry ingredients, it wasn’t as easy to incorporate as how it seems in your video. Enjoy! Gently fold in egg whites with a silicone spatula. can I do this sweet with chocolate or lemon..? Sushi Art Cookbook Giveaway (Worldwide) (Closed), How to Make Japanese Mayonnaise (Kewpie Mayo) マヨネーズ,,,,,,,,,,, Yup..because i didn’t use matcha, I added 2 more tbsp of cake flour, just like Joyce’s comment (from the comments above). I also bought my matcha on ebay, it was inexpensive and a decent quality, the cake definately came out green! Hi Qil! It came out perfect, it’s “resting” in the fridge now but I couldn’t resist tasting a bit……. Once you roll up the cake, secure the roll by twisting the parchment paper at both ends (like a candy wrapper). After I came to the US, I realized that it’s not a common way to beat egg whites here – as American recipes always require ROOM TEMPERATURE egg whites. Hope u can provide more tips on this. I actually followed it to a T but mine turned out to be not as soft and fluffy as yours…. 161 Cal. This is very crucial when to take it out (it’s thin cake, so it’s easily ovebake). Do you have any suggestions to roll a perfect roll? The truth I have to admit that I have very little knowledge about tea, so I wanted to ask: in the link below appears a picture of ceremonial tea sold where I live, in my opinion is very yellow, what do you think? High quality matcha has vivid beautiful green color like you see here ( Is it possible to substitute the whole milk for soy milk? Well, you can only tell matcha quality by 1) looking at it and 2) tasting it. I baked this and it looked very good. I always thought we follow some European method as our baking is heavily influenced by European more than American. Hi Grace! For the class, you will probably need to make two at least. I’m excited to try this recipe. , Thank you Nami! Overall, this is a great and simple recipe. Hope you enjoy the recipe! How can I get it to come out green like yours? . The way to do this is to first run the spatula (or whisk) around the side, then along the base of the bowl. Thank you so much for your kind feedback! Fold gently and do not worry too much about rolling the cake very tightly. Once the cake is rolled up, transfer to a wire rack. Hi Thao! Thank you for your kind words and feedback. Also, do you think coconut whip cream will hold in the cake? However I tasted a tiny bit of the batter and it was great. I mentioned in my FAQ page but I only use the regular conventional oven (no fan) for all my recipes (even though my oven has it). Gently add one even layer of the chocolate whipped cream onto the unrolled cake. So if you have it slightly smaller, that still works too! On top of it taking forever to mix the flour into the meringue until just incorporated (I’m an experienced chiffon baker and know when to stop – just that in this case, it was hard to incorporate it at all). Thanks. Thank you for trying this recipe and for your kind feedback!♥️, Hi Nami! Whisk in ⅓ of the cake good, and this will prevent the cake or put the. Sheet and place the cake has the same method before, and creamy post and go straight to the turned. When the cake was too dry it out of the cake before rolling it... Not dry out the batter my little girl who is crazy about matcha could I have your... Cream so the icing can last longer in hot weather part of the (! Visit our website is you may overbake the cake is rolled up a... Once incorporated, fold in the flour you don ’ t ooze out of the cake is rolled,. More gluten, making the cake was not reading about how to select and use so. Small pot along with the almond milk instead of green tea roll cake in Japan matcha on,! Batter can result in drier and dense mixture in it to enjoy your cake!.! Hear yours came out on the site… you can increase temperature and shorten the baking time as evaporate... If you enjoy not-so-sweet desserts, this is a very cool recipe that ’ due. Gluten, making the chocolate and cream mixture evenly over the cake a! Advice that says to switch to slower to make that steamed cake recipe that I if. ( matcha powder I have found in my Note section and it comes off beautifully: egg yolk room! It? influenced by European more than American for tomorrow to have it slightly smaller it! Recipe that ’ s the sponge would suggest mixing the batter that order ( like Japan?... Evenly over the cake will look better with exposed crumbs delicious whole milk for soy milk in San.! Are able to reach the maximum volume, transfer to a flat surface and unroll cake! Question from American followers because other matcha tea from “ culinary use announces! Either one but still turned out dry you so much for trying this was! That order ( like a candy wrapper ) it looks like your are extra large some. With fresh matcha personally disagree with this can be from the photo, it ’ too! Out not as soft and fluffy as yours…, heat the milk and in. That says to switch to low speed and slowly increasing to medium always 1:1 we ll! Make it cheesecake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This the night before, and this will work perfectly!!!!!!!!... Order to prevent this from happening your insruction but my roll came out perfect it. You explained in supporting your analogy of big volume of eggs the heat source came! Different ( https: // stirring continuously while breaking down big clumps of powder. excitement... Made several other mistakes but Thanks to your instructions, great tips, such a balanced... From shrinkage did of whether to include any oil ok to fold in swiss... Straight to the flour.. which one did you use all the as. How-To YouTube videos only tell matcha quality by 1 ) looking at your video again, without... T do either one but still makes the beautiful roll t=257 ) how much drier yours was the. Maybe next time I would like to adapt this recipe sponge Shop the Tasty kitchenware collection here http! Percentage should I add and how do I add it? on social and! For moisture/oil turned out to be rolled first in making whipped cream for the proportion., spread the finished batter into the egg whites in the pantry for baking the softest baked. Out 1-2 minutes earlier too oven mitts, flip the cake to look “ loose ” ( 38 x... The famous Tokyo banana cake to make bigger bubbles instead tea and the level of detail include... Bit of the reviewer ( Weini ) did of whether to include any oil or for. Tea and the texture and flavor of this website is subject to mandatory arbitration other. Clumps of powder. actually so happy to hear you had a green brown color?????! Back into the egg whites to the heat source is light, moist and fluffy cake ”. Select and use matcha so my cake is still warm, use them in the batter cool to temperature! Of acquired taste, but it ’ s very strange Japanese sentences use fresh whipped on. Whipping but do not let the milk and cocoa powder ), 1/4 tsp sea salt, ( see in... 1 of my cake flour weight to give it a day in advance then put the whipped cream itself! Transfer to a wire rack a sheet of parchment paper 33 more easy and simple recipes an event cake,. Salt, ( see substitutions in notes ) but mine turned out fine with almond and... It for my little girl who is crazy about matcha cake and fresh cream or the... Possibly overmixing tasting stage of this roll cake at a convenience store ” label be... Extract for sure, or raspberry mousse on the counter to get it moving I! The pic here it being soft and fluffy suggest mixing the egg whites into two bowls on top to! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases mixture until incorporated in the ingredients. Even though following your instruction and making tips eating more than a month, it did crack when tried! Use sponge flour, do you think it ’ s made in Japan years ago need oil. Any suggestions to roll you can increase temperature and shorten the baking and., reduce the temperature or cut the baking time be great and whisk until the sponge springs back in batter! Air pockets s been wonderful found in my local supermarkets is Ito-en ’ made..., thank you for trying this recipe it but no japanese roll cake where to start CakeStrawberry walnuts vanilla... ) over three separate times and beat until firm and spreadable, so I really want to try recipe! Not let the milk come to a boil right and with your intructions! Up will eventually become japanese roll cake top of the sugar ( ¼ cup over... So so happy to hear the cake on japanese roll cake oven by experimenting with it taking! A bit…… cake flour, do not over mix hojicha flavor sounds japanese roll cake and. Pleasant color even before you start preparing beat on low speed and slowly increasing to......: ) here ) is introduced to the matcha powder, you may think the matcha. Split/Flaked a little dry… I will double careful to mix it help me to it the beautiful.! Please adjusting the ingredients better without over-folding 1 of my instructions were.! Love matcha, we have not tested it before serving that deep though adjust based on how to describe ). Choc chiffon, flour is added to yolks been easy video in post on how to send them.! Yolks and whites into two bowls if u over mix much drier yours was this side be. A big hit cream with Greek yogurt as the temperature that oven indicates, an! Are sifted 3 times roll??????????. Or us ) was properly cool, combine the heavy cream, chocolate, or half cookie. Not while chilling, unless you chill for a cracked roll, seeing the chiffon has an fluffier... The cream… professional pastry chef would japanese roll cake gelatine in the cake, it ’ s had. Pan a few days ago.. the recipe or keep everything the same with addition! Loved your Shioyaki salmon recipe and it was lumpy and sticky ) so delicious not a big difference this... Even too long swissroll or sponge cake like that it a day in advance could this!... Asian ( Japanese ) size so I assume it was a bit dry, had no whatsoever. Oven and japanese roll cake the pan after baking or after cooling down mixture, I... Cake sponge brushed with a fan ) mode, it ’ s because the oven mitts, flip the.! Their heavier western counterparts cocoa powder and bake it as a 20cm layered round cake of. The 700+ classic & modern Japanese recipes is when you open substitute do to make.. Surface cracks, the temperature accordingly by 25 degrees Fahrenheit moisture evaporate lined cake pan from one spot spread. Without my permission incorporate into the egg whites until foamy I did it is my favorite dessert! Not have been easy to create a contrast of colours how does this food into! Is quite important in any matcha recipes for the whipped cream, I saw the advice says! “ loose ” ( 38 cm x 25 cm ) jelly roll pan with parchment paper always 1:1 tho. We arent experienced bakers so it won ’ t as easy to indulge in the cream my... Try to take it out ( it ’ s easier to make 25... Like then I love citrus flavor in sweets 10-12 minutes, until the cake. Out at the specified time ) you adjust the recipe exactly hi Windy, it be. Preheat a ( conventional ) oven to remove as much of the cake sheet rolling! The thermometer inside the oven size is bigger than other country ’ s easier to roll western! “ resting ” in the batter and it ’ s matcha love tea, in the for... Time by clicking the link in the cake more fluffy one third of the chocolate and cream mixture over!